Gift Packs:

When you name a theorem you attach your name to something that will survive throughout history.

The creation of a working mathematical theorem or law usually requires extensive work by a rare and brilliant mind. This gives the creator the right to have the theorem take their name; names like Gauss, Fermat and Pythagoras. Now anyone who wants to have their name immortalised along with the giants of maths and science can do so. This is possible thanks to a system that generates and proves completely new theories and theorems.The theorems that we produce are guaranteed to be unique, because we generate them from unique theories. Inductive theories are guaranteed to be consistent, by design, so the generated theorems are not spuriously true.

You can name a new theorem however you like and you will be able to decide if you would like to have a certificate detailing your theorem delivered to you, have it published in our journal, and even have it printed on a t-shirt!


When you buy a theorem you will receive:

  • An printable electronic colour PDF Certificate of registration, with the theorem that you named and the name that you have chosen to attach to it forever. View
  • A brochure which will help you interpret your theorem
  • A user name and password to log in our website and view your theorems and certificates at any time


In addition you can purchase any of these extras stating your theorem:

  • A t-shirt: from £14.10
  • A mug: from £12.35
  • A mouse mat: from £10.10

To buy a gift item first purchase a theorem. Once you receive this you will be able to follow the "Gift Items Shop" link next to your theorem name on your profile page.

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