"This really captured my imagination and I'm delighted to buy TheoryMine's first Theorem. What an inventive use of Scotland's expertise in artificial intelligence to create such a novel and fun product"
    Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Officer for Scotland , Glover-George Theorem

"During my time as an eager undergraduate mathematician, I'd often wonder what it would feel like to prove a truly new result and have my name immortalised in the mathematical history books. I thought that dream had died when I gave up maths to become a science writer, but Aron's theorem is now a reality"
    Jacob Aron, Aron's Theorem , The New Scientist

"This is a superb example of innovation and creation."
    Fiona Godsman, Director of SIE

"The theorems start at £15 each; £20 cheaper than changing your name to Pythagoras by deed poll"
    Chris Watt, The Herald

"This year's naming gift is this ingenious (or possibly even genius) one."
    Kate Carter, Kim Lomax and Malgorzata Stankiewicz The Guardian

"It's never too early to start enjoying maths, and this is a present that will last a lifetime."
    Nigel Brown, Ned's Theorem

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