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*This is just an illustration, it is not the certificate that you will receive.

By placing an order with TheoryMine, you name a newly discovered mathematical theorem¹. This lets you immortalise your loved ones, teachers, friends and even yourself and your favourite pets!

It may take upto 4 working days (excluding weekends) for our robot mathematicians to discover your theorem. Once discovered we will send you a notification by email that your theorem is ready with links to let you download a certificate of the discovery by logging in the website. (See an example certificate).
To buy our gift items you first need topurchase a theorem. Once you receive this you will be able to follow the "Gift Items Shop" link next to your theorem name on your profile page

N.B.: If you would like your theorem to be sent to a specific email address, please make sure you are registered and logged in with this email address. Otherwise TheoryMine will use your PayPal email address.

Sorry, but TheoryMine is not currently taking any orders. We are working on updating our payment processing code to work with updates to PayPal. Please come back later, or send us an email (to and we will let you know when we are taking orders again.